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MINDFUL SHOPPING: Is the new Voice Your Values app the answer to unlocking the conscious consumer?

Everyone likes shopping.

It allows you to buy things you want and need. Things that make you happy, things that keep your everyday life going. In fact, everyone NEEDS to shop. Whether it be food shopping, or self-care cosmetics. The car that takes you to work, the new curtains for your home. But have you ever thought of the companies that produce your goodies? Have you ever thought about, oh I don’t know- if they produce items that have the least impact on the environment? Or if your beautiful new dress was manufactured in a place that pays their workers well? Or if your favourite coffee store gives a percentage of their revenue to charity? And does knowing these change your purchasing decisions? Have you ever thought about the effect your purchasing decisions have on the world?

People increasingly want to shop with their values in mind. 74% of us say more information on a company’s social and ethical performance would influence our purchasing decisions. But the problem is, no one has the time to research every single detail about all the products in their shopping cart.

What if you have the power to contribute to changing the world while you shop?

A UK based start-up called Circle Squared Informatics is developing an app that can deliver you this information. The forthcoming app called “Voice Your Values” allows you to search or scan products and get instant ratings on companies’ environmental and ethical performance. They even have a pop up for online shopping! They already have a prototype available with real data that has information a company’s performance on the environment, how much is given to good causes, equalities issues and how they manage the supply chain. Using complex algorithms, they turn objective measurable data into ratings. Want to know how much profits they give back to the community? Do they use palm oil in their products? All this and more can be found within their app.

Here is a sample:

Okay, so, now what?

Well, what’s unique about the concept is the fact that the app records your purchasing decisions and lets companies know if you bought their products. On top of that, if you are not pleased with, say how much they give back to charity, then you can leave a feedback! Clearly it doesn’t matter that one person did or didn’t buy something because of the company’s ethical performance. But when millions of us get together and “voice our values,” it encourages business to improve.

Circle Squared Informatics the apps developer’s promise to feedback your choices so not only will you be able to easily checkout companies you’re considering buying from but you can also influence the future and promote lasting change.

What do you think of this? Do you think this app can help change the world?