• mark goldstone

Mind the Gap!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

So 2018 was a breakthrough year in the issue of equal pay at least in the UK where large companies  must now report the median gender pay gap by law.

Surely this is progress right? There is no doubt that change is always led by a transparent acknowledgement of the facts which is why we are including gender pay gap as part of our ratings.

However, it seems progress is way too slow for some with Carrie Gracie the BBCs China correspondent resigning on the spot when she was finally able to compare her salary package to her male colleagues in similar positions. It seems this radical strategy worked as she returned some months later with both a much-improved package as well as compensation for loss of previous earnings.

Of course, we are not advocating that everyone take similar action to Ms Gracie however when you use our forthcoming APP you’ll be able to check on if a company is transparent about its gender pay gap and take a view on if you want to support that company or not. We’ll be sure to feedback to companies what you thought and encourage them to do more.

That’s how you help us help you to create change!

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