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Marks and Spencers becomes the first recipient of Circle Squared Carbon Neutral Awards

Congratulations to Marks and Spencer for being the first recipient of Circle Squared Carbon Neutral Awards! This is an amazing achievement for such a large retailer which, as far as we know, is the only organization of this size anywhere in the world to take this step. M&S has shown clear leadership on this issue and by adopting a carbon reduction policy relatively early and following through on this strategy, they are now in a position to offset their remaining carbon emissions.

What’s as interesting to us is that no one seems to know about this. In our poll of 200 people 86% percent were not aware that M&S had achieved carbon neutrality but 96% said that they felt more positive about M&S as a result.

As we have said before, here at Circle Squared we only deal in the facts but M&S going carbon neutral is clearly a fact worth celebrating. We exist to support business to do more and we hope that more organizations follow M&S example.

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